I teach a diverse range of courses in Communication Studies and Methods at the NUS that include introductory to upper level undergraduate and graduate courses such as “Theories of Communications and New Media” and “Quantitative Research Methods”, besides teaching courses relating to my specialized areas such as “Digital Media and Political Communication”, and “Digital Propaganda and Public Opinion”. I also teach graduate courses such as “Advanced Theories of Communications and New Media,” “Graduate Research Seminar.”

List of Courses Taught at the National University of Singapore

Undergraduate courses

NM2103 Quantitative Research Methods

NM2101 Theories of Communications and New Media

NM3240 Digital Media and Political Communication

NM4239 Digital Propaganda and Public Opinion

NM4245 Political Communication and Digital Media

NM4238 Software Studies

Postgraduate courses

NM6101 Advanced Theories in Communications and New Media

NM/CS6770 Graduate Research Seminar

NMC5368 Media, Policy and Markets


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